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KidzWings is an online learning platform for kids and the site is owned and maintained by the Vxplore Technologies (P) Ltd, the parent company of the KidzWings.

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Terms and Conditions:

KidzWings is an online learning platform for kids and the site is owned and maintained by the Vxplore Technologies (P) Ltd, the parent company of the KidzWings. The Terms of Use governs the use of the site by you as a user, no matter how you access our website.

You can use the services of the site and your use of our services is taken care of by the Terms and Condition. Users are requested to read the terms and conditions along with the Privacy Policy mentioned on https://www.kidzwings.com/privacy-policy/ and the refund policy on https://www.kidzwings.com/refund-policy/.

Your access to the site makes you bound to abide by the agreements mentioned in the Terms and Conditions, no matter you read the agreement or not. Using our site by you also makes you attached to the terms we have stated here. This is why you are requested to read the agreement very carefully before proceeding.

Accessing, Browsing, or Using Our Site ensures your agreement to the Terms and Conditions mentioned here. If you do not agree with any terms and conditions mentioned here, please don’t use our site. you need to ensure that your access to the website as well as the use of the content and material are legal to each jurisdiction and we hold no responsibility about it.

KidzWings reserves the right to change its terms and conditions any time without any notice to its users. You are requested to frequently visit the site to get the updates for avoiding any legal issues. We will mention the updated date on the page itself and your activity is also governed according to the updated terms and conditions.

Privacy Practices:

We have established our privacy policy to safeguard your personal information shared by you with the KidsWings for protecting your details. Along with the Terms of Use, our Privacy Policy also checks your use of the site. Your visit to us indicates that you agree with the terms mentioned in the guidelines whether or not you read the agreement.

Your Account:

You are responsible for all the activities made under your account, related to the password and the use of our services and thereby you are requested to keep your account details confidential and restrict the use of your devices from which you access our site.

If you are using someone else’s account, you ensure that you have the authority to access the account and that person also needs to agree on the terms and conditions mentioned herein. If that person refuses to accept our Terms and Conditions, you accept liability for any harm caused by any wrongful use of the site.

If you suspect or believe that the security of your account is compromised, you can contact us immediately by using the contact information mentioned below.

We reserve the right to terminate any account if we find any breach or violation of the details mentioned in the Terms and Conditions without giving any notice to the users. We also have the right to terminate any account if we feel that it would be the best for KidzWings. You are solely responsible for the content uploaded by you on our site.

Product & Service Information:

KidzWings tries its best to be accurate for describing products and services. the site may contain typographical error or the information may not be correct or current. We reserve the right to change the content or correct the information on our site without any notice. These inaccuracies and errors can happen to price and availability.

Pricing Information:

Prices and the availability of the products and services are subject to change without prior notice and as the preference of KidzWings. KidzWings revise or change their products and services anytime.

User Content:

The content you have uploaded on our site, including, video, audio, text, images, photography, and anything that is made available to us by you makes you responsible for the legality of the content. We hold no responsibility in the contention to the user content.

You agree to not encourage or assist others and yourself in transmitting, updating, uploading, hosting, displaying, modifying, and publishing any information:

  1. That belongs to others and the user has no authority on it.
  2. That is grossly harmful, harassing, blasphemous, defamatory, obscene, libelous, hateful, ethnically objectionable, or unlawful in any manner;
  3. Harms minor.
  4. Violets any law.
  5. Contains a software virus or computer code.

Intellectual property rights:

Access to the site does not allow the users to use service names, slogans, trademarks, designs which are solely owned by KidzWings. These are the property of KidzWings and protected under the law.

Limited License:

KidzWings allows the limited license to its users and this is a non-exclusive and non-transferable license to make personal and non-commercial use of the site.

You acknowledge and agree on the Terms and Conditions presented here and that is agreement agreed by you for the use of the site.

Target Platforms

Advantage with KidzWings
Maximum Visualization

Maximum Visualization

Your little brain creates so many imaginations and our visualization teaching helps you visualize content and ideas. It makes your concept clearer and you easily understand a subject.

Applied Learning

Applied Learning

Learn the real-world application of your skill and knowledge. You will explore content and learn to apply your knowledge to enhance your critical thinking and reflection.

Innovative Thinking Approach

Innovative Thinking Approach

There is no end line of your imagination. We appreciate your innovative
thought wrapped with the knowledge of coding, programming, and technology.

Less Theory, More Practical

Less Theory, More Practical

Practice makes you perfect and our experts help you craft your ideas
brilliantly to bring the change of tomorrow.

Learn and Enjoy

Learn and Enjoy

Learning is no longer boring. You learn to create things and you learn to build
applications that will perform some awesome functions.

Answering Your Curiosity

Answering Your Curiosity

Your curious mind will get excellent support from our teachers. Be curious
to go beyond the known world and our teachers will be with you.