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The domain name is owned by KidzWings that operates under its parent company Vxplore Technology (P) Ltd.

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The domain name is owned by KidzWings that operates under its parent company Vxplore Technology (P) Ltd. We work with your trust, and we ensure high standard security for any transaction made on our site, and we protect your personal data with our strict privacy policy guidelines.

We have designed our privacy policy to make you aware of the use of your data shared by you with us. It mentions what type of data we collect from you, the purpose of collecting these details, how we use the information, with whom we share the details, and the users’ personal choice to direct our use of personal information.

We hold the right to change our privacy policy at any time without any notice. Your continued use of our site indicates your acceptance of the changed privacy policy, no matter you have read the change or not. Therefore, you are requested to frequently visit our privacy policy and check the changes.

What We Collect:

We will store your shared personally identifiable information, which you uploaded at the time of creating a free account on our site when you save any details with us when you participate in any event organized by us when you fill up an entry form and more. Generally, we store information like your name, email id, postal address, phone number, course interest, and your opinion, and personal preferences in certain circumstances.

When you visit our site, our social networking platforms, or our mobile applications, information related to your device will be stored by an automated means. Your data will also be stored when you use cookies, web server logs, and analytic platforms.

We do not collect any detail related to your financial information. During the online payment transaction, your credit card or debit card data will be saved by the payment processors, not by us. In the future, when we change our payment flow, we will collect your credit or debit card details to offer you a quick checkout.

The site can be visited by both adults and minors, such as school students, but the financial process, like online payment transactions, will be made only by the adults above 18 years of age. If you are not at your legal age, you should not use the payment process mentioned on our site. We do not collect information from the minor.

The Purpose Of The Information Collected By Us:

  1. To know about your course preferences that help us offer you more relevant details related to your interest.
  2. For conducting marketing and performance research, we use your data to improve our services.
  3. To contact you for the details about your interested courses and offers through emails, calls, and more.
  4. By using our site or registering with you, you authorize us to contact you for the purpose of the course information publication, promotional offers, product knowledge, and more. Your authorization will as long as your account will be active with us. If you de-active your account, your authorization will also get de-activated.

With Whom We Share Your Details:

Nobody. We do not share your details with anyone. We will not sell your information to any third party organization.

When you make the payment on our site, your payment details will be stored by the payment processor website and not by us. Your details will be stored there securely.

How Long Your Data Will Be Stored:

We use your personal data as long as there is a requirement to do so for the purpose of your interest. Your information will remain with us until the purpose for which the information is collected is there.


You can also choose to opt-out to stop receiving promotional offers from us. You can contact our customer care team for this.


We maintain high security for protecting your personal information. We value your trust that you bestow on us regarding your personal and sensitive information, and we use the best measure for protecting your data.

We hold no liability for any loss caused to any users due to unauthorized access by any third party. Do not share your account details with anybody, and do not authorize anyone to use your account.

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Advantage with KidzWings
Maximum Visualization

Maximum Visualization

Your little brain creates so many imaginations and our visualization teaching helps you visualize content and ideas. It makes your concept clearer and you easily understand a subject.

Applied Learning

Applied Learning

Learn the real-world application of your skill and knowledge. You will explore content and learn to apply your knowledge to enhance your critical thinking and reflection.

Innovative Thinking Approach

Innovative Thinking Approach

There is no end line of your imagination. We appreciate your innovative
thought wrapped with the knowledge of coding, programming, and technology.

Less Theory, More Practical

Less Theory, More Practical

Practice makes you perfect and our experts help you craft your ideas
brilliantly to bring the change of tomorrow.

Learn and Enjoy

Learn and Enjoy

Learning is no longer boring. You learn to create things and you learn to build
applications that will perform some awesome functions.

Answering Your Curiosity

Answering Your Curiosity

Your curious mind will get excellent support from our teachers. Be curious
to go beyond the known world and our teachers will be with you.