Simple Coding Learning Tips for Kids

Learning to code for kids will be an interesting journey. Since this education is still new, parents have to play the initial role to enhance the exposure of the kids to code. If parents are from a technical background with in-depth knowledge in computer programming and coding, generating coding interest in kids will be easy. … Continue reading “Simple Coding Learning Tips for Kids”

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Learning to code for kids will be an interesting journey. Since this education is still new, parents have to play the initial role to enhance the exposure of the kids to code. If parents are from a technical background with in-depth knowledge in computer programming and coding, generating coding interest in kids will be easy. But, if parents do not know about computer languages, they can enroll their kids in online coding courses. Kidzwings offers online coding classes for kids where experts will break down the complexity of programming language to make kids understand how to code.

Coding instructs the computer what to do, following step-by-step commands. Kids also learn the basics of coding and create many things using their knowledge. At Kidzwings, we divided our classes according to the age of students to let them understand programming languages step-by-step. At the beginning level, we introduce classes that offer engaging experiences to kids. 

We plan some fun-fill activities that enhance the enthusiasm in kids to learn to program. When they acquire the concept of coding, they will show more interest in original creation with their coding knowledge. 

How we help your kids learn to code:

Explore and experiment:

After kids learn the basics of coding, we let them analyze and experiment with the code. It helps them explore different values and experience the outcome. It will be an adventurous journey for your kids. With this, students can learn the meaning of coding. They will get hands-on knowledge of different errors. They can clear their concept of higher and lower numbers, lines of coding, and more things. 

You can book a free coding class with Kidzwings. Contact us for more details. 

Guess and check:

Our teachers plan different learning factors for kids. When kids show improvements in their learning, we offer a line of coding to ask them what they think the coding would do. 

Use templates:

Our aim is to clear the concept of coding to kids. So, writing the lines of coding needs keyboarding skills also. We eliminate the step by providing them templates of already-written coding, which kids can add to their creations.

Debugging skills:

Kids are at their beginning state, so finding errors can make them frustrated. Instead of this, our teachers introduce errors early to the kids to find the solution. Kidzwings offers one of the best Online Programming Classes to kids in India. Contact us to know more about the classes. 

Kidzwings is one of the best online coding learning platforms for kids. Kids from 6 to 14 years of age can join our classes. Book a free online trial class with us.

Who doesn’t love playing games? The alluring images, the super creative ideas, and the finest execution are the core of every popular game. Kids love playing games, but what if they make games? In every step of developing games, kids will acquire vital knowledge that will help them clear their understanding of math, physics, geometry. Kids have extraordinary imagination power, which is the foundation of any game development. Their creative thoughts add color to their imagination. If you think about their coding knowledge, we are there to help them learn to code easily. Kidzwings offer online coding classes for kids where they playfully learn programming and coding.

The journey of real game development helps your kid grow from inside by unveiling complex theory and logic of math, geometry, graphics, physics, and more.

The skillset that your kids will use while developing a game are:

  1. Imagination power
  2. Math
  3. Geometry
  4. Programming
  5. Graphics
  6. Physics
  7. Sound
  8. 3D
  9. GUI
  10. AI and ML

Imagination Power:

Imagination is the stepping stone of any game development. How the game look and how it will be played completely rely on how imaginative the developer is. If it is in your kid’s hands, the ultimate game will be super interesting and engaging because adults may not beat the imagination power of kids.


Without math, a game cannot be made. The calculation is everything. In simpler terms, the precise measuring of the trajectory of an angry bird flying across the sky is the secret of gaming success. Without math, no character of the games gets a meaning.


In video games, geometric shapes give a game a real look. You will get an extensive use of circles, rectangle, squares, and more in a game to help developers create shapes that players interact with. Geometry is the foundation of any game.


Programming is the heart of any video game where developers have to think logically.


Graphics add color to your games. Developers use colors, gradients, transparency, and other effects to make the game look awesome and visually appealing.


Physics is important to add realism and functionality to a game. For collision detection, developers must have a clear understanding of physics.


Sound design is art for developing a video game. Developers use custom sound effects that will add uniqueness to the games.


The knowledge of 3D makes the game development more real-like.


A well-balanced UX and UI can make the execution finest, and it is also deciding factor of a game’s success. Every popular game like Clash Royale, Pokemon Go, and Hearthstone are famous for their user interface and user experience. Make player’s experiences comfortable, and your game will be successful.

AI and ML:

AI enhances a player’s experience, and Machine Learning helps a developer create characters that can perform basic functions, making the characters more real-like. Using the stored data, developers create an environment for the game.

In the process of game development, a kid can enhance their mental growth, clearing doubts regarding logic, shapes, calculations, and more. They earn knowledge of basic skills on their own. For technical parts, Kidzwings are there to help your kids. Our industry experts take online coding classes for your kids. They make coding easier and learning interesting.

Kidzwings offers online programming classes for kids. You can also book a free coding class today. Please contact us for more details.